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2015 - 21 juni: Wereldmuziek!

Zondag 21 juni 2015: Wereldmuziek

 Van 14.00 uur tot 16.00 uur:

Cambada met Anna Elis-de Jong http://www.annaelisdejong.nl/ 

en met Lilian Vieira https://lilianvieira.wordpress.com



Pianist, composer and arranger Anna Elis de Jong studied and graduated at the Conservatory in Rotterdam.  She plays in several groups such as: Quartet Anna Elis de Jong, and Stages of Being Group . She accompanied many singers such as Maria Joao Mendes.

She performs on Dutch podia and theatres but also abroad. 

( Italy – Venice and Formiggini , Korea - Seoul, Spain – Madrid, France – Paris, Germany – several places, Mexico City and of course Rio de Janeiro , Friburgo , Petropolis a.o. )

Since 1998 she teaches at Codarts, the Conservatory of Rotterdam, where she is also the coordinator of the Latin Department. In this function she organizes many projects concerning Brazilian Music.

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The Brazilian-Dutch singer and lyric writer Lilian Vieira (September 11, 1966, Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro) presents herself with her Brazilian Samba Soul from the sixties and seventies. At age 23 she moved to The Netherlands, where she, due to her special timbre, great improvisation skills and charismatic stage presence develops as a noted singer. This is partly due to her role in the Brazilectro group Zuco 103. Vieira – primarily singing in Portuguese – also works with multiple jazz-, soul- and funkbands and various DJs. As a guest vocalist she collaborated on dozens of albums. The past years she has returned to her musical roots, with the singing of popular Brazilian music and classical acoustic Samba that eventually inspired her to record her own solo album.



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